Calling All Maniacs!

In the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s there were pictures of additional builds on the back of LEGO® boxes. There was a note that said you could build any of those exciting models with that set. There were no instructions, until now.

We’re building the alternate sets and posting instructions and digital files.

How you can help:

This project is open to anyone in the community, you don’t have to be able to do everything and making instructions can be a daunting task. If you have an old box or are a collector and have lots of amazing old boxes, we’d love to have photos of them to include on this site. If you have or can take a better photo of a box, we’d gladly swap it out on our site. If you’re an old box collector or master builder, we’d love your help! Email your box photos and/or back of the box building instructions to If you build it, you get to name it. Anything anyone can do to make this resource better is welcome!

About our naming system:

The pictures of additional builds on the back of the boxes we’ve named primary following left to right Set # – Back A, B, C… For the bigger boxes with a front cover flap that opens those builds are named Set # – Inside A, B, C…  If there’s a minifig holding a tool (typically no plate bricks) those figures can be found on our Minifigs page, and are not given a letter build associated with it (Simply labeled Set # – Minifig). Additionally, the sides of the boxes sometimes have builds as well or can be another angle of one of the back of the box builds. (These can obviously be extremely helpful when trying to build!) In those cases where the picture on the side of the box is a unique build, those are named Set # – Side L or R, for left or right side when looking at the front of the box. If the box has a unique build on the top or bottom of the box those will be labeled Set # – Bottom or Top. (Haven’t seen that yet, but lots of boxes out there!)

About creating instructions:

Instructions can be time consuming and difficult to create. There’s no wrong way to help someone build an alternate set! Anything you can create to make this site better and help other users is appreciated! Here are two examples of different ways to create instructions (Examples from 6823 – Back A):

  1. Photo sequence instructions: Example
  2. Digital instructions: Example
    (You can make these using digital building tools like

About our build size categories:

Under 35 pieces – Very Small Builds

Under 100 pieces – Small Builds

Under 200 pieces – Medium Builds

Under 400 pieces – Large Builds

400+ pieces – Extra Large Builds

Thanks for checking out this project!
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