6973 – Back D

From: 6973: Deep Freeze Defender
Name: Glacier Guardian and Sub Zero Security 1
Instructions: 2 View PDF | Download .io File

*Alternate Build Connection: 1993 Ice Planet 2002 and Space Police II with Maniac Commercial, Invention Adventure Activity Book – Page 25-26, 6984 – Back D


  1. PDF and .io file submitted on October 14, 2021 by: Krysto
  2. Designer Notes from Krysto – 1. There’s asymmetry in the build, this is visible from the photo and is the result of a limited parts selection. 2. Normal blue 1×2 bricks and the modified 1x2s with slots are used somewhat interchangeably throughout the build – if the builder wishes to texture the model with them, they are welcome to do so. 3. This model has NOT been checked for stability or balance IRL, there’s a decent chance someone assembling this might not be able to get it to stand on its own, and there’s a chance the shuttle assembly might just implode during construction – again a result of the highly limited parts selection. 4. There’s a handful of spare pieces left after the build that could plausibly be put underneath the blue windscreen element in the middle of the robot, if the builder wishes they are more than welcome to put something in there. In short, build at your own risk – it is likely as janky as it looks.