6987 – Back C

From: 6987: Message Intercept Base
Name: The Alienator Overlord 1
Instructions: View PDF 2 | Download .io File

Name: Space Chicken 3
Instructions: View PDF 4

*Alternate Build Connection: 6941 – Inside A


  1. Name, PDF and .io file submitted on October 23, 2021 by: Krysto
  2. Master Builder Notes – Bricklink shows 5 of the Black Turntable 2 x 2 Plate with Light Gray Top (3680 / 3679) pieces in this set. These instructions use 2 extra of these pieces to add extra function and stability. The alternate build could be built without these using substitute pieces from the set.
  3. Name and PDF submitted on December 25, 2021 by: cosmic.brick
  4. Master Builder Notes – The Space Chicken build uses only 4 turntables pieces and can be built without using any extra bricks. This is a truer alternate build.