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From: 6990: Futuron Monorail Transport System
Name: Monorail Surveyor System and Rail Runner 1
Instructions: 2 View PDF | Download .io File


  1. PDF and .io file submitted on October 17, 2021 by: Krysto (Named by BOTBB.IO)
  2. Designer Notes from Krysto – First and foremost this build requires the old, rare 2x2x1/3 connector wire to recreate without modifications. Typically 9V wires are 2x2x2/3 instead. Second, Stud.io insists the gear winder rack between the stanchions has a clipping issue with one of them – I cannot verify if this would be true or not in reality, but best I can tell that’s how it’s built in the photo. Other than that I don’t think there should be any *major* issues with the build – builders should also be aware that the rear fins might not like going uphill.