6270: Forbidden Island

Year Released: 1989
Designer: Niels Milan Pedersen

The box reads, “THE ADVENTURES OF THE LEGOLAND® PIRATES OF THE SEA! Forbidden Island. During the eighteenth century a peaceful colony of settlers were enjoying the island treasures they had discovered. Their peaceful life was about to be disrupted by the LEGOLAND® Pirates of the Sea who had been searching for the same buried treasures. The Pirates had settled on Forbidden Island and were making plans to steal the gold from the settlers. Their leader Captain Red Beard did not know that he would have to deal with Governor Broadside who was guarding the settlers’ gold. He would have to deal with him first. Governor Broadside established his base on Eldorado Fortress. It was here that the action would take place. Use your imagination to continue the Adventures of the LEGOLAND® Pirates of the Sea!”