6955: Space Lock-Up Isolation Base

Year Released: 1989
Designer: Jørn Thomsen

The box reads, “Creativity and Quality Craftsmanship are the key ingredients in this and all LEGO® brand building sets. The specialized pieces in this LEGO set are specifically designed to add to the fun and excitement of building and playing with action-packed models that look like the real thing. Like all LEGO building sets, this set provides endless building possibilities and offers children the opportunity to achieve a feeling of pride and accomplishment, while developing creativity. And it’s fun! New and different fun every day. LEGO bricks are carefully crafted from high quality plastics. They snap together firmly, yet come apart easily, even after years of hard play. And remember – bricks from all DUPLO® and LEGO sets are designed to work together – so the pieces from this set can be combined with pieces from other DUPLO and LEGO sets for added play value and fun!