6983: Ice Station Odyssey

Year Released: 1993
Designer: Jørn Thomsen

The box reads, “The ice planet Krysto, with its vast network of frozen tunnels and caves, is the capital of a remote part of the universe known as Ice Planet 2002. it is from this snow covered planet that rocket technicians are conducting top secret research. Their findings are coveted by the Blacktron forces and even renegades within the Space Police. The Space adventure begins with you, the LEGO MANIAC®. Using your imagination and the building sets from the LEGO SYSTEM™ Space collection, you can create your own intergalactic story. Will Krysto’s technicians be able to defend their research station? Only you can decide because… you’re in control of the action… you’re in charge of the fun… you’re the LEGO MANIAC!”