LEGO World Show 3 – Page 10-11

From: LEGO World Show 3
Year Released: 1982

The description reads, “OUTER SPACE Somewhere amongst the trillions of stars and planets swirling about the centre of a neighbouring galaxy, the First Expedition from Earth has established its Base Station. Its mission: to search for and, if possible, contact intelligent life and probe the mysteries of the Universe. A team of 300 galactic engineers has completed the base station in preparation for the starship transporters carrying the bulk of personnel and provisions. The machine shops are now fully operational. Two light years ago, the main column of the Expedition passed through an uncharted meteor shower and sustained extensive damage. The expedition commander who was concerned about the mission’s chances of success, sent the engineers ahead to prepare facilities needed to overhaul his starships. Life on the base station has been tough for those pioneers. Falling interstellar debris demolished their first buildings before the protective forcefield could be installed. Meanwhile, the starships are only months away, lumping through the vastness of space towards the relative security of the base station.”

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